“Q” and “A” of Student’s Selection Form IPTC Qatar 2009


Academic Background

I began the first level of education in Tunas Harapan II kindergarten of PERTAMINA Balikpapan, a city that was rich in oil resources. After that, I continued to the Primary School 015 Balikpapan, and I always got the highest big ten champion in that school. And the next, I was continued to Junior  High School 1 Balikpapan and Senior High School 1 Balikpapan, I succeeded in getting the parallel second champion at all of this school. And finally, I continue my education to the Javanese island, in the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Future career aspirations

First is constructive my career in the petroleum company. However, this not my biggest goal because I want to contribute more to build my nation. My biggest goal is build the petroleum service company that has an international standard that could come back promoted the dignity and status of my nation that is buried now. I have a dream that one day I saw Indonesia will able autonomously to process oil and natural gas resources personally without the existence dominant influence of the foreign oil company like at this time. For that purpose, I will build the petroleum service company so that Indonesia is no longer again too hanging with the foreign group. And therefore also I can open the field of work for the Indonesian especially in the petroleum’s field.

Reasons why I wish to participate in Education Week

To bring about this dream, I am sure that IPTC Education Week is the best event to be followed by me, because by joining it, meaning that I can visit various worlds’ oil companies that make an inspiration to petroleum service company that I want to build. From there, I will get a clear insight into the petroleum industry so as later I can share my experience to my friends in Indonesia. The others are to increase of network and friends who will support my career in the future in petroleum’s world industry and in the long run later to establish my oil service company.

Highlight your strength

I am type of hard worker and idealistic man. Since childhood, I had been always taught to think big and discipline in everything. Because of that, until now I always optimistic and believe that I can do one thing if I want to try that. This is became the biggest strength of me, a belief. And then I was active organized since I was a child, so I have good time’s management, good leadership, good team work, and good in public speaking. Until now, I also have a good academic achievement without leaving my organization. Moreover I also have good religious background.

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