Vote Ryan Alfian as Delegate of One Young World!

I am a highly motivated boy from Borneo. As the best participant from 160 Parties of Scholarship Strategic Program of Human Resource Development Nurul Fikri, make me aware to occupy important strategic positions in one sector of Indonesia, to build a better Indonesia. I believe transformation in our world never be initiated by many people, It’s always originated by a few selected people. So that is my reason, why I have a big dream to be a few selected people as great future leader of Indonesia.

Let me to introduce myself, I’m Ryan Alfian Noor. I am Kalimantanese and my religion is Islam. I am currently as the 7th semester of petroleum engineering student in Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). Armed with discipline taught by my parents since childhood, I had to carve a lot of achievements in academic and organizational sectors. In the academic sectors, From elementary school to high school I always went into the top three public championship at schools, and even in college I always got dean list award (GPA> 3.5), respectively from 2006 to present. In the organizational sectors, since childhood I’ve learned about leadership by being a scout leader, Head Department of Islamic Spiritual Organization (ROHIS), and now one of the head sectors in Students’ Islamic Family of ITB (Gamais ITB). All of my experiences from childhood until now, teach me be a professional boy to do all of my works.

Basically, I am a person who has a melancholic-choleric character. I am pleased and even tend to lead an organization. I always tried to balance my organization and my academic, because I believe there is zero tolerance to separate between academic and organizational. In the sidelines of my free time, sometimes I use to write an article related to my core-competence in energy and technology’s sectors, about campus missionary articles, about self development articles, and poetry. Besides that, I was people who tend to be perfectionist and ambitious in everything I do, because I believe only with hard and smart work I can realize better Indonesia. I was a figure of a dreamer who always does the best to achieve my vision that I have with various opportunities. In a relaxed atmosphere, I’m being extroverted and humorous. Deep association, I never discriminate friend from the standpoint of religion, race, or ideology. This caused me have many peers in Indonesia and abroad.

My communication skills were good enough, because almost 2 years I have become a Campus Mission Friendship Forum (FSLDK) trainer of organizational management campus ministry in various cities in Java and Kalimantan. And I have also good speaking and writing in English, because I’ve become a member of the English Club for a long time.

In accordance with my focus in energy and technology sectors now, I aware that Indonesia has abundant natural energy source, no exception in alternative energy sources. Increasing depletion of Indonesia’s oil production, its need for increased technology can be used for the utilization of alternative energy sources. From all of my literature studies, I conclude there are two potential alternative energy resource developments in Indonesia, namely geothermal scattered along Java and Sulawesi and ocean currents in various straits in Indonesia. If Indonesia have increase technology to develop two of them, all the electricity needs are met. For this reason, I believe economy sector of Indonesia will increase gradually because technology and energy supports its sector. Unfortunately, the maximum utilization technology to process these alternative energy sources is not developing today. Yet, the facts have shown that the use of two sources of alternative energy is more environmental friendly and don’t cause air emissions.

Therefore, there is need for encouragement for government to make early technology initiation with learning technology from other countries to be applied in Indonesia. To encourage this, I give voice to the ideas and opinions in various technology-themed in virtual media that some of them have been published.

In addition, after discussions with my lecturers and reading some policy of technology’s papers, I have n idea to make breakthrough energy and technology policies to increase investor interest in oil and gas business locally and foreign investors. And my idea would be even better, when I can take a variety of inputs from other countries that have same interest to me in energy, technology, policy, and economy sectors.

After getting information about the One World Youth, I was fierier to give my voice and share all ideas in my head to the world. Moreover, I am pleased because I will meet with many inspirational young leaders from various countries in the world. I really look forward to discussing and exchanging ideas with them so that my insights more broadly in order to build the technology sector in Indonesia. I want to follow this activity, not because of my personal ambition to appear on the world arena. But it because I love my country and I want the world to know, someday Indonesia will be better and has a big dignity in the world. Trust me.

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