Ideology of the Nation’s Life

In continuous process of the state ideology, sustainability of generation is needed constantly to win the contest stage this state. So no doubt reasonable have, that the recruitment of a revolving stock generation to the next stock generation should be done in order to keep on and stay on the contest stage.

Not only up there, all of capabilities of each generation must be increased again to keep the bargaining power of ideology. Only ideology which can combine sustainability of generation and competitive power can survive much longer.

Generations without any command of the ideological leader are like chicks who escape from his cage. They may able to develop on theirs own, but their movements are not working effectively, have not strong durability and have not massive spreading because they are not well-organized.

This is reason why the role of an ideological leader becomes very important. Because he will perform successor mobility all generations in various public sector, private sector, and the third sector. He also will perform his vertical mobility or horizontal mobility.

For that, the leadership should not be considered by only one eye or haphazard. By becoming an ideological leader, then he will easily create and direct the policy of this state to be in accordance with what he had dreamed in his ideology.

Ideological leaders must be prepared as early as possible. They must be selected from educated people by his core competence, honed by his political thinking, and steady by his leadership strengths. Many of ideological groups direct his gaze on campus students as an easy target to be recruited and prepared to be a leader. However, they are able to carry the ideology in the future later.

Students are elites who have a different paradigm rather than the commoner as usual. In campus, they get a higher education, thus causing them to have a large capital to make a vertical and horizontal mobilization, which ultimately led them to strategic positions as policy makers or people’s mover.

With a structured curriculum and learning from these ideological groups, the future leaders exiled from the surrounding communities, to perform the cleaning process of old paradigm and character due to bad influences of the environment, so they can make a new paradigm and character by that process. Then they will return spread and sown back into society to exert influence there.

Indonesia has a very strategic position in context of the interaction of nations, the fantastic number of people with medium education level and quality of thinking, abundant natural resources with spurious technology, corrupt bureaucracy, the gap between social strata and between regions severely, and above all, a Muslim community largest in the world.

So it is not wrong if John Perkins said that Indonesia are the success stories of economic hit the state team of superpower countries, and is not impossible it will followed by the jackals and invasion. Seeing the complexities of this nation’s problems, only ideological groups that have the strong bargaining power and stocks generation are able to improve the quality of this country a better and dignified.

Only the ideological group that is based on the truth will win the long competition contest stage of this state. Because the truth in accordance with human nature. And people more receptive to the truth.

Ideological groups that influenced by interests of certain elements are not going to win, because eventually, people will soon be aware and know the depravity of their ideological system and the truth ideology will explore their secret.

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