Work With Mr. Dedi Syahrir Panigoro

While waiting for all answers of my job application in the company, I dedicate myself helping Bunda Tatty Elmir with two of her siblings, to write about the biography of Mr. Dedi Syahrir Panigoro. I really happy because I can working some job that match with my hobby and interest, although all of this not very related with my real job as an engineer. But I just enjoy that.

Mr. Dedi Panigoro

In addition, by becoming one of the team authors of the book, then automatically I can establish a close relationship with Mr. Dedi, so I can learn many things directly from him: about the meaning of life, way of doing business, how to negotiate, to find the “right mate”. lol.

Who is Mr. Dedy? I think you can guess who he is when I say “Panigoro” in his last name. Yeah, you’re right. He is one of member of Panigoro Family. Mr. Dedy is the second of the eleven brothers, or in the other words, he is a young brother of Arifin Panigoro (founding father of Medco, one of biggest local oil company Indonesia).

 So, What is my job here? Okay, I can simplify answer that question just with two words: “follow him” and “asked him”. That is very simple, isn’t it? I follow and asked him  concerned in his campus and business life.

 Dinner with Mr. Dedi and Mr. Ikhsan (brother of Bunda Tatty)

 Yeah, you know as an entrepreneur of some big hotels in Indonesia (if you know Grand Preanger Bandung in Asia Afrika Road, maybe you must know that is one of his hotels) and of course also one of  Medco Commisioner,  now Mr. Dedi has a freedom of time. He doesn’t need again to go to his office and think about “how I can get the money? How I feed my family?” or other questions, such as basic FAQ of a fresh graduate like me. So to fill his time, he spends most of his spare time to have vacation and drive his own Foundation which is engaged in education and culture sector. What a beautiful of life, doesn’t it?

 Breakfast “Mie Kocok” in the edge of the Naripan Road

  Me and My Team…Also with Mr. Dedy and his best friend Mr. Hendro

In some future time, it seems I’ll stay a few weeks at his house in Jakarta to deepen an interview to his relatives and managers in Medco. This is a very lucrative opportunity for me as a young that can meet easily with most of the close relatives Mr. Dedi without a significant obstacle. hopefully a job writing this book can be resolved well in the coming months. And I get lots of positive side for the opportunity to know many families Panigoro with ease. Amin.

Of Course Me in narcissism mode at Grand Prenager Hotel

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