Just Another Life of Ryan

These photos are only a few documentation of my education life. I did almost of my study in my birthplace: Balikpapan. I just continue my studies in Java Island while taking courses at ITB. Of course, I get many experience and learning in 18 years during I studied in public school.

I say really thanks to my parents, my family, and all my friend who have helped me so far in running schools. Hopefully all the knowledge I’ve got all these years can be useful for the country and nation, especially in the energy sector.

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SDN 015 Balikpapan (1994-2000)

SMPN 1 Balikpapan (2000-2003)

SMAN 1 Balikpapan (2003-2006)

Institut Teknologi Bandung (2006-2011)

And the next target is:

Colorado School of Mines (201x-……..)

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