Awesome Words From Buffon

Today I find spirit and powerfull letter from my social media account. This awesome letter comes from a man with a fabulous dream, Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon, before his match with Germany today. You know, Buffon save  many chance of England Team in prior match.

I believe this man will show all of his spectacular abilities to save the goal and bring all his team to the final of Euro 2012. Good luck Gigi! and here is his letter:

There comes a time in life where we have nothing else to do but to take his own path and pursue their dreams, this is a duty of every individual.

Too often we are addicted and numb from the negativity that surrounds us, too many times we’re resigned to a fate that others it takes allot, almost always stop dreaming once you reach the age of maturity or once you reach a certain position and a job there since independence but does not stimulate our imagination and our senses.

I was a child I dreamed of becoming a football player, from little boy I dreamed to become national goalkeeper of Juventus, around 20 I wanted to win the Scudetto, when I arrived in 25 Champions League and World Cup, 30 winning the scudetto with Juventus and the European … 

Most of the goals I achieved them prefixes, although something still missing … don’t know if I can ever achieve them, but I have the firm conviction that the only way to do that is to want them, live them intensely even when they seem utopian dreamless … do not live, you survive … without dreams aren’t the protagonist of your life but you’re just a discolored figure who agreed resigned their existenceNo rings, no gasps, lifeless …

Come here in Poland and thinking to play a semifinal was unthinkable, at least in the pre-European, but we believed, we wanted to strongly, we wanted and every sacrifice was made in order to pursue our goal!
Now the obstacle seems insurmountable, it probably will be, but now that we have come so far we dare to go a little further … to the DREAM … to happiness … 


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