Are You One of Responsibility Taker?

In several days ago, My whole day is fullfiled by a new song from Jason Mraz entitled “I Won’t Give Up”. This song told us about struggle and never ever surrender to reach our love. But today I won’t talk about love. 

I think “give up” is not only used in our love. “Give Up” is a words which not far away from our life including in our love, career, academic, and etc. When we face the Here, I quote a words from Edison to start my writing:

“I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work”

Edison’s quote summarizes why most people fail to become a success people. The quote explains why most people fail to develop and reach their dream. Simply put, most people fail to become successful because they fail to fail enough, or in other words, they give up earlier than the others when they face the problems.

So, let we talk about success it self. Almost people say that success in classroom means no making mistakes. When your report book is perfect, you will get A+. In school, making mistakes is bad. The students who make the fewest mistakes are called “smart”. This paradigm make almost people afraid to do something that out of box. Meanwhile, making mistake, admitting mistake, and then learning how to solve the mistake, is essential of success.

Possibly, the most important skill that can develop us to face the mistake is the ability delay our desire to give up. To do this requires emotional maturity and strength of character.

I believe we all make mistake. mistake are important because, when we fail, we have the opportunity to discover and develop our emotional maturity and improve our strength of character.

So, whenever we find ourself upset about a mistake, I think we must dare to take responsibility for it, even though we would rather blame someone else. I think we then take the time to find a gem of wisdom in that mistake. Once we find gem, the discovery give us the energy to move forward.

One of the greatest attributes we can have are an intense sense of responsibility. It is empowering, for one thing, and your effectiveness will increase tremendously when we own the good and the bad of all we do. In life, this is an area we can work on. As soon as we take responsibility for all that we face, the power are in our hands to make it extraordinary. For me, having that sense of control has been a catalyst for success.

Eventually, I want ask all of us: Are You One of Responsibility Taker? They had an energy and eye to see things as they could be, instead of how they are. Are you the selected one who never been avoid a mistake and problem? We alone can answer that. []

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