First Experience with Batik Air

When I first saw Batik Air advertisement, I decide one day I will flew with Batik Air. what is the factor that drive me to do that? So simple. I just really impressed with experience and the services which is offered in ads. It just like Garuda Indonesia, but with low cost.

Couple days ago, I got a news from HR department that I had a chance to follow one of workshop from my company in a cross island. So I thought that is a good moment to make a first experience with Batik Air. So I quickly had a phone call to my travel agency and make a deal with the schedule. In short, I got the ticket. “Yes, I just reached my plan in the past”, a little word is blown in my mind.

Finally, the day has come, and I capture some picture and notes so it can be a consideration if you confuse with question “is it worth to fly with Batik Air?”. I Almost forgot, I will fly from Balikpapan to Jakarta and it  will take around 2 hours at travel time.

The Schedule 

At first moment, I really surprise why Batik Air just slightly have a “same culture” with Lion Air (even I know both this plane in one holding groups) in term of boarding time. You can look at the picture sorry for poor angle, the time is show 14:59, instead of boarding time in 14:50. But don’t judge early, the Batik Officer announce to passenger that they are apologize for this late due to bad weather. Do you want to fly in high risk weather? I think you will agree with my untold answer.


The Plane

I really amazed with exterior design body of Batik Air. As its name, there is some “java batik” motive in edge of tail. And  “Batik” logo has decorated ahead wings at both of side but I think something wrong with the font. For your information, this plane is use Boeing 737-900 ER and renowned as the high technology machine today.


The Interior

What about the inside of the plane? Actually, I don’t find any significant difference from Garuda Indonesia. Both of them is equally give a good furniture. The distance between the seatpitchs wider to 32 inches than ordinary plane, but it can’t comparable yet with Garuda’s seat that have a wing. But, with this facility you able to relax without worry about a disturbing motion of people in front of you.  You also will find a larger cabine so you can put your rest luggage at there.


The Service

All service is good. But unfortunately, you won’t got a newspaper when you aboard to the plane compare than Garuda.  The safety induction still demonstrated manually by stewardess and not use a video. Others, you will get entertained by a touch screen as known as AVOD system ahead of your seat. You can hear a music, watch a movie or television series (you will find bing bang theory too in this plane..haha..), or play a mini games.

Something new in this screen, it use more responsive screen than Garuda’s screen and it already active in the ground. It also have USB prot, and jack up for ear phone. But, I don’t know why the stewardness not come to give me an earphone, so I just look the screen without a sound, so sad of me.


The Food

Food service is good. Same as Garuda, stewardness will give you a choice of food and beverage. At this flight, I chose spaghetti as my food. After you finish your lunch, you will be offered once again by stewardness to add your drinks or not. What an excellent service. Good Job Batik Air.20130610_154125


If you’re include a ‘low cost flight hunter’ but with high quality service, you can chose with Batik Air as your choice. Eventhough it must  improved in some manners, I think it already give a good service for all passengers. Thank you Batik Air, I will fly with you again soon.

Others, pardon me for a poor picture, I think I must buy an SLR camera for the good documentation than use phone camera. 🙂 []

8 thoughts on “First Experience with Batik Air

  1. The hard products are exactly the same with their sister airlines in malaysia; Malindo air. Ironically, Malindo is a low cost airlines with hybrid concept but Batik air is full carrier service..

  2. Today i flew with Batik Air from JKT too DJJ and i love it….the crew member so profesional ….go Batik Air….

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